Media and Digital Strategies

Developing public-private partnerships to create an engaged, customer service-oriented government and thriving technology, film and media industry.

The Media and Digital Strategies team can help cities around the world operate more effectively and become hubs for civic innovation. Additionally, the team can assist in identifying new opportunities for public-private partnerships to maximize and support their digital platforms. Film and media production is not only a useful means for cities to promote economic development but also a way for them to market themselves to a worldwide audience. The Media & Digital Strategies team can help cities grow their local tech sectors and domestic and international film production, raise awareness and interest in these sectors—including workforce training and job creation—and launch and/or support sector-based marketing initiatives.

Potential Services


  • Public communications and social media strategy
  • Local tech sector support
  • Long term economic development
  • Digital roadmap development
  • Best practices for digital skills education programs


  • Branding and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Workforce development & community engagement
  • Economic impact metrics and messaging