Margo Yates Martinez joined Bloomberg Associates at its inception in January 2014. As a lead project manager for the Communications and Economic Development teams, Margo supports a variety of projects and initiatives across all of Bloomberg Associates’ cities while also bringing cross-sector perspectives to deliver and augment our client needs. Her primary focus areas center around communications and press relations, leisure travel and MICE marketing, and economic development strategies.

Specifically, Margo has helped develop and launch city branding campaigns, B2B and B2C business plans and sponsorship programs, press launches and events, communications trainings, and, has done significant market research reports to help inform projects in both disciplines. In addition to her client work, Margo also provides operational support to the CEO and Chief of Staff.

Prior to joining Bloomberg Associates, Margo worked at a private communications firm, providing communications and messaging training to executives and high-level staff. Margo is fluent in Spanish and received her post-graduate M.S. in Foreign and Second Language Education from The Florida State University, where she also earned a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature. She has also earned marketing and MICE management certificates from Cornell University and New York University.