As a member of the Municipal Integrity team, Spencer Nelson helps cities realize high-impact projects that unlock new efficiencies, engage citizens and diminish corruption vulnerabilities in government processes. He works in all stages of project development, from early-stage policy design and strategy to implementation and operations management.

Spencer provides policy support and data analysis to city clients, delivering best practice research drawn from innovative cities around the globe and presenting actionable insights grounded in data. He assists cities in developing complex platforms that synthesize government data, automate processes and streamline decision-making. Employing expertise in geospatial data representation, Spencer supports cities in visualizing and utilizing geographical data to shape program development and improve existing policies. Along with his colleagues, he manages partnerships that leverage private expertise to make government data more transparent, accessible and useful to city staff and residents.

Prior to joining the Municipal Integrity team, Spencer built a nationwide survey of municipal auditing and investigation systems for Bloomberg Associates. The expansive report covered fifty-seven cities, centralizing knowledge and best practices in a fragmented field. Before joining Bloomberg Associates, he interned for JP Morgan Asset Management and for the Stanford historian Jennifer Burns.

Spencer is a graduate of Stanford University.