Tess specializes in improving public services through digital innovation and design. As a member of Bloomberg Associate’s Media and Digital Strategies team, Tess supports city governments around the world to develop and implement digital strategies centered on user-needs, to adopt an agile approach to project management, and to leverage technology to solve city challenges and better respond to resident needs.

Prior to joining Bloomberg Associates, Tess worked for a number of non-governmental organizations in East Africa and South-East Asia with a focus on program quality and business development. Tess also spent a summer working for UN Women where she created a curriculum focused on how the Internet and social media can be used to mobilize public opinion towards positive social change.

Tess holds a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she was a Women and Public Policy Program Fellow. For her thesis, Tess consulted the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding coordination mechanisms between federal government agencies and the United Nations on global migration issues. Tess also received a Bachelors in International and Global Studies from the University of Sydney.